Property Renovation in Bulgaria

Example of a bathroom and toilet fitted in what use to be a cellar.

Example of a bathroom and toilet fitted in what use to be a cellar.

When you are buying cheap property in Bulgaria for let say 6000 or 7000 Euro in most of the cases you will get a nice size plot of land about 1000 sq. meters in some cases even 2000 sq. meters, the house will be in good shape and will definitely need some work in order to meet some decent living standards and to be comfortable for you to move in. We are offering property renovation assistance and have dedicated and extremely well experienced team of builders who renovate properties for our clients since we started to deal with Bulgarian Properties in May 1996. Most of the houses will need installing inner bathroom and toilet which costs about 2500 Euro including nice tiles, boiler, sink, toilet and shower.

Good cleaning, some cosmetic works like plastering and painting, wallpapers, flooring,etc. No problem! We are doing this for more than 18 years and we have hundreds of satisfied customers who always rely on us when it comes to making their homes a better place. We work with Bulgarian prices and always complete the job on time.

You can contact us using the form below and to order a property evaluation report with detailed price list with works that need to be done. We are covering the entire country and will prepare your report in less than 10 days.

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List of works we offer

  • Roof fixing
  • Windows and doors repairing or changing with new Wooden or PVC double glazing
  • Complete Plumbing
  • Complete rewiring of the house
  • Bathroom and toilet fitting
  • Flooring (Tiling, Laminate floors, Wooden floors)
  • Complete Furnishing and interior design (kitchen, Bedrooms, Living rooms, etc.)
  • Connecting Satellite TV and Internet
  • Security Alarm System
  • Treating against wooden worms and other pests
  • If there is something you need doing and you don’t find it in this list, please do not hesitate to ask us