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Property Location, Details and Pay Monthly Options: - Pepelina - Dve Mogili - Ruse

FOR SALE €16,000 cash or Pay Monthly from 427 Euro per Month - Development Land
3000 sq. meters Print

Welcome to “Land of Dreams and Desires,” a hidden gem nestled in the charming village of Pepelina, just 10 minutes away from the majestic Orlova Chuka, the second-largest cave in Bulgaria. As we embark on this journey together, let me ask you: Have you ever dreamt of escaping the chaos of city life? Can you envision yourself waking up to the serenity of nature every day?

[Property Overview]

This exquisite property spans across 32,000 square feet of fully regulated land, offering a canvas for your dreams. Imagine the possibilities – a small farm where you cultivate your own vegetables, raise chickens, or even venture into a small-scale tourist business. The allure of a tranquil retreat beckons, and the property’s location on an asphalt road ensures easy access.

[Infrastructure and Proximity]

With essential amenities such as water, electricity, and internet readily available, the conveniences of modern life blend seamlessly with the rustic charm of the countryside. A mere 3 miles away lies the town of Dve Mogili, providing access to banks, food stores, bars, and restaurants. Picture yourself enjoying the breathtaking views and stunning surroundings that characterize this enchanting haven.

[Recreational Opportunities]

For those seeking adventure, a beautiful fishing lake is just a mile away. The village of Pepelina is renowned for its popularity, offering a plethora of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, bird watching, and horse riding amidst the virgin nature that surrounds.

[Natural Beauty and Landmarks]

Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of North-Central Bulgaria. Pepelina, part of the Dve Mogili municipality, is perched along the mesmerizing canyon of the Cherni Lom river. The region boasts an abundance of wildlife, including protected species of bats and birds. Landmarks such as the Eagles Rock cave, the Medieval Castle Cherven, and the archaeological complex Nikopolis ad Istrum add historical richness to the area.

[Business Opportunities]

Consider the prospect of a permanent move, where you can develop a small farm or a Bed & Breakfast business. Alternatively, delve into the lucrative world of honey bee farming, promising substantial profits in the short to middle term.

[Property Features]

This property offers more than just a view; it provides access to beautiful forests, rivers, and meadows – an idyllic backdrop for horse riding or leisurely walks far from the hustle and bustle. The 100% freehold fertile land ensures the potential for cultivating crops, fruits, vegetables, and even raising your own livestock.

[Flexible Payment Plans]

“Land of Dreams and Desires” is available for sale in cash or through our PayMonthly option, offering flexible payment plans tailored to your needs. Now, let me pose a question: Can you envision yourself making this haven your own?

Don’t let this incredible opportunity slip away. Contact us at without delay. May your dreams find a home in the heart of Bulgaria.

Price: 16 000 Euro

Pay Monthly Options:
12 Months Payment Plan: 1493 Euro per Month
24 Months Payment Plan: 827 Euro per Month
36 Months Payment Plan: 604 Euro per Month
48 Months Payment Plan: 493 Euro per Month
60 Months Payment Plan: 427 Euro per Month
PLEASE NOTE that this property is also available for a long term rent 200 Euro per month.
In order to receive more information about this option please fill the form below and in the field “Questions and comments:” let us know that you are interested in renting the place.

  • 100% Freehold Ownership.
  • The land is fully regulated.
  • Own parking area in the yard.
  • Running water.
  • Electricity.

  • Mobile coverage and Internet.
  • Satellite Television.
  • Public transport.
  • Food store(s) in the village.
  • Pub(s) in the village.
  • Post office in the village.

Property reservation

You can reserve this property by credit card or by bank transfer upon confirmation from our agent.

Please submit the inquiry form for more information about the purchase procedure and the payment methods.

If you pay the property at once the deposit is 5oo Euro, if you pay the property on monthly payments the deposit is the first monthly payment. In both cases, the deposit is non-refundable!

After receiving it the property will be marked as reserved, no further viewings will be carried out with other potential buyers, and we will start the preparation of the necessary documents for completion of the deal.

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