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Wings Over Rusenski Lom: A Birdwatcher’s Paradise!

Located 20 kilometers south of Ruse, Rusenski Lom Nature Park derives its name from the Rusenski Lom River, the final right-side tributary of the Danube River. Spanning 3408 hectares, this area has enjoyed protected status since 1970.

Its allure lies in the picturesque river terraces, towering vertical cliffs, mysterious caves, striking rock formations, rich biological diversity, and historic landmarks, making it a captivating destination. Beyond its value for scientific inquiry, the park offers abundant opportunities for immersive ecotourism experiences.

The convergence of rocks, forests, rivers, and caves within the park fosters remarkable biodiversity. Hosting 902 species of flora and a diverse fauna including 10 amphibians (5 of which are protected), 19 reptiles, 22 fish species, as well as crayfish, snails, river mussels, and 66 mammal species, Rusenski Lom is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Notably, it’s home to 190 bird species, with 110 nesting within the park, including notable species like the Golden Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Long-Legged Buzzard, Ruddy Shelduck, and Saker Falcon.

Several well-marked trails enable visitors to explore this diversity. Gramovets trail, starting at the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo Archaeological Reserve, offers a 12-kilometer journey through dense forests, past merging rivers, and beneath impressive rock formations.

For botanical enthusiasts, the 6-kilometer Dendropath trail starting from Nisovo Village provides insights into the park’s plant life, with over 20 local tree and shrub species showcased along the route.

Another trail leads to a venerable elm tree near Nisovo Village, offering a 6-kilometer journey through historic sites and picturesque landscapes.

The UNESCO-protected Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo are also within the park, with a dedicated 9-kilometer route starting from Ivanovo Village, guiding visitors through both historical and natural wonders.

Finally, history buffs can embark on a journey around Cherven Fortress, commencing from Cherven Village, to explore medieval ruins and artifacts, including the remains of churches and a boyar’s palace.

All routes are clearly marked and easily navigable, ensuring visitors can explore independently without requiring special training or guides.

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