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Finding the property you want might be tricky especially if you are looking for a cheap Bulgarian property.
It is important to understand the market before you take action and the best way to do it is by contacting a reputable real estate agent to advise you on your way to your dream home in Bulgaria.

According to our specialists there are at least three important steps you need to take in order to avoid wrong judgment and disappointment afterwards:

Know what you want! The most important step in the very beginning of your journey is to recognize what are your goals and destination.
1.1. Do you want just to make an investment? If this is the case then buying an empty plot of development land might be better for you as there will be no further expenses for maintaining. Even better option is to buy some good sized agricultural land and collect up to 4% annual return on the investment you have made in rents (no bank could beat such interest at the moment).
1.2. Do you want a holiday home or a place to move in permanently? Then the best option is to contact us and to describe how do you imagine your future home, how big should be the land, how many bedrooms, basic location (on a main road, in the end of the village, in a small town…) etc. Our agents will give you free advice and will show you options that refer to your ideas.

Get real! This step is as important as the first one. Reasonable expectation is one of the most important steps you need to set in your mind. Although the properties in Bulgaria are fairly cheap especially compared to the prices in UK you need to understand that you can’t really get a nice home ready to move in for let’s say 2000 Euro, this simply can’t happen.
At the moment your expectations should be to pay between 5 000 and 12 000 Euro for a house that needs at least some serious cosmetic works and installing inner bathroom and toilet in order the property to become livable. Of course if you want a house that has high standard finish and is ready to move in how high will be the price depends on its location, the size of the land and the living area and how luxury you want it to be.

Visit before you buy (if you can)! You could skip this step if you trust your agent and to buy from distance in fact more than 80% of our deals are completed this way, but have in mind that no matter how honest is your agent and how recent are the photos or videos you are observing in order to make the decision, the best way is to visit the place “To feel it with your heart” as our executive manager loves to say and this is very important especially if you are planning to live in the property you are buying.

Bottom line is that purchasing property with us is very easy and straightforward process. We will give you free advice and will guide you all the way, our aftermarket service is famous as we are providing all the help our clients need from major renovation works to small things as installing cable Internet or television. You could always count on us and we will be there for you.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us our estimate response time is 24 hours.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have. Our dedicated team will get back to you in less than 24 hours.
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