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The Buying Process or How to Buy a Property in Bulgaria

Real Estate Agent BulgariaSTEP 1: explore our website and find the property that interests you then send an enquiry for it.

STEP 2: Our agents will confirm if the property is still available and will get back to you with detailed information about the payment options and the deposit you need to send in order to reserve the property for you.

STEP 3: When you receive confirmation from our agent you have to send the deposit through bank transfer or through PayPal.
It is important to inform us immediately after you sent the deposit in order the property to be reserved for you!!!

STEP 4: We will send you the preliminary contract about the property you are buying.

  • When you pay the property “CASH” you will have 20 days after you’ve paid the deposit to transfer the rest of the money for completion of the deal and issuing title deeds on your name.
  • If you choose to pay on Pay Monthly then the deposit is in fact your first installment and in the contract will be pointed the following installments you have to make and the dates for each installment. When you use Pay Monthly option the Title deeds on your name is issued 2 working days after you complete all the payments for the property.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have. Our dedicated team will get back to you in less than 24 hours.
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