Installing and Remodeling Bathroom and Toilet in Bulgaria

Variety of Bathroom Designs at low costs from Bulgarian Property Finder.

Installing Bathroom and Toilet in Bulgaria

Buying property in Bulgaria is great idea especially at the recent price levels. You can easily get somewhere between 1000 sq.meters and 3000 sq.meters of land with 3-4 bedroom residential building that is structurally sound for less than £10,000. Obviously the new home you have will need some renovation and even if you are on a tight budget installing inner bathroom and toilet is the one thing you can’t postpone if you want to move in even for a short holiday.
We’ve been renovating properties for our clients for more than 20 years and work with some of the most experienced reliable builders who offer quality work and excellent price.
We offer different bathroom remodel designs keeping the costs low and affordable for everyone. Here are some photos of recently renovated bathrooms by our dedicated team of builders.
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Bathroom Remodel Bulgaria

Completed Bathroom Remodel

property in bulgaria bathroom costs

Sample image of renovated bathroom in Bulgaria

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations in Bulgaria

bathroom designs Bulgaria

Bathroom Designs Bulgaria

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